Citadel Development Kit

Citadel Development Kit is Arcistech’s very own development platform. Equipped with all the essential drive circuitry including crystal section, local power regulation and filtering circuitry along with reset circuitry, Citadel provides a ready to program platform where you don’t have to worry about the hardware issues. Citadel provides support for 40 pin PIC 16 and 18 family members. All the pins are broken out using standard 0.1 inch male headers for easy access and can be connected to either the breadboard or another PCB using cables.

Three on board debugging LEDs can be connected to any pin on the micro-controller. Citadel is the ideal low cost solution to your development problems which accelerates the development time. Its small size (3.1 x 2 inches) makes it suitable for space limited applications as well.



  • All pins exposed for easy access
  • Three on board debugging LEDs
  • Small size useful for area constrained applications
  • Local power regulation circuitry
  • In circuit programming header
Citadel Development Kit
Citadel Development Kit

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