Reverse Engineering

Arcis Tech offers the most extensive and high quality services in the field of Reverse Engineering, fully accomplished by the ATOS 3D Scanners and Optical CMM by GOM, Germany with most compatible GOM post processing software.

Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device or object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. It often involves taking something (e.g. a mechanical device, an electronic component, a software program) apart and analyzing its workings in detail, usually to try to make a new device or program that does the same thing without copying anything from the original.

Through the process of Reverse Engineering, we extract the digital shape of any physical object and use that data to troubleshoot, reproduce, study, analyze, inspect or use in other downstream applications. This digital data can be delivered in the form of just plain xyz points, also commonly called a point cloud, surface models, polygon mesh models (stl), watertight solid models, color coded easy to read inspection reports, cross sections or splines. This data can further be converted to be read in any CAD system. Some of the supported file formats are:
Igs (IGES), x_t (Unigraphics), prt (Pro/E), model (Catia),Rapid Prototyping (slc,stl),des(GM-des), nas (Nastran),obj (Wavefront),iv (Open Inventor), xyz, ascii, vda, vrml, bmw, cfl, lay, ast, sys, wrl, as well as all the 3D digitizer formats.
With the digital data generated by this process, CAD models can be easily updated to reflect the changes in the model, object, tool or die. Any part of the tool or die can be duplicated with the help of the surface model created by this process. Physical product designs like clay and other prototypes can be converted into solid models for making the required tooling.


• Convert any physical shape into digital format
• Create tooling for any object
• Make changes in your tool, mold or part
• Watertight solid models let you machine directly from our data
• Save time and money in product development
• Interchangeability with any CAD system

1. Car manufacturers and 1sttierpplier Design offices(Styling,Aerodynamics,Simulation,etc.) Method Development offices
2. Aerospace OEMs (Aircrafts, helicopters, etc.)
3. Mold and tools makers
4. Pattern makers
5. Toy industry
6. Sport industry
7. Bottle industry
8. Medical prosthesis
9. Casting & Forging


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